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Funeral Director Services!

Thomas Murphy & Sons

Thomas Murphy & Sons is a family-run funeral director based in County Bray. Since 1950 we have cared for the funerals of members of the Bray community and the surrounding areas. We offer clients various Funeral Director services, from Floral Arrangements to Headstone Services.

We provide personal supervision from the start to finish of every funeral to ensure that the needs and wishes of you and your loved one who has passed are met to the highest standard. Our team promote expertise in our profession. We assist in all funeral preparations working around your budget and wishes.


We can also provide our clients with house calls to help with funeral planning.


For more information regarding our Funeral Services, contact our team at Thomas Murphy & Sons today!


For over 70 years, our team at Thomas Murphy & Sons have been providing clients with Cremation services as a burial method for your loved ones. Our team of expert Funeral Directors cater our Cremation services to clients throughout County Bray and the surrounding areas.


Our Cremation services help clients organise churches, crematoriums and the transport of their loved ones to the crematorium.


At Thomas Murphy & Sons, we provide clients with a professional Embalming service. Our Embalming service is catered to clients in Bray and the surrounding areas.

Our Embalming service helps us restore your loved one's remains so that you will remember them as they were in day to day life. It also helps to sanitise the remains.

Floral Arrangements

Since 1950 Thomas Murphy & Sons have provided clients with high-quality Floral arrangements. We cater to clients in Bray and the surrounding areas. Our team work to provide you with Funeral Floral Arrangements that best suit your budget.


We work with various florists to ensure that your needs are always met.

Headstone services

For over 70 years, our Thomas Murphy & Sons team has provided clients with a range of different Headstone services. From Headstone Engraving, Cleaning a Headstone or even the whole creation of a Headstone, we have got you covered.

We work with a Master Stone Mason to ensure that our Headstone services are always completed to the highest standard.

Coffin Selection

At Thomas Murphy & Sons, we have provided clients with expert Coffin Selection services for over 70 years. With a range of different styles, colours and shapes of coffin to choose from, you are sure to find a coffin that suits the personality of your loved one that has passed.


Our team are happy to advise you on what Coffin Selection would best suit your budget.

Pre-Planned Funerals

Thomas Murphy & Sons provides clients with an excellent Pre-Planned Funerals service. We cater our Pre-Planned Funerals service to clients in Bray and the surrounding areas.


Our Pre-Planned Funerals service allows clients to plan and pay for their funerals in advance. We help plan coffins, flowers, and whether they want to be cremated or laid to rest.

Repatriation Service

For 70 years, our team have provided clients with a professional Repatriation service in Bray and the surrounding areas. We help clients organise Flights, paperwork, coroners and an embalming certificate to make the grieving period a bit easier.

The Repatriation of a body helps us to return your loved one's remains to their place of origin.

Thomas Murphy & Sons FAQ’s
What is the catchment area of our Funeral Director Services at Thomas Murphy & Sons?

At Thomas Murphy & Sons, our Funeral Director services are catered to clients throughout Bray and the surrounding areas.

Can we help cater our Funeral Director services to your budget?

Yes! When necessary, we are happy to help you cater our Funeral Director services to your budget.

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