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Are you in search of professional headstone services in Bray?

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Headstone services

Thomas Murphy & Sons provides clients with professional Headstone services in Bray and the surrounding areas. We offer a bespoke Headstone service where clients can create a customised headstone from start to finish.


With a range of styles, colours and shapes to choose from, our Headstone services ensure that you will have a headstone that is created and tailored to your loved one that has passed.


For more information on our high-quality Headstones, contact Thomas Murphy & Sons today!

What to consider when choosing Headstones

There are many things that you may have to consider when choosing headstones:

  • Styles

  • Colours

  • Shapes

  • Headstone Engraving


Contact our team today for more information on tailor made Headstones!

How do our Headstone Services work?

At Thomas Murphy & Sons, we work with a professional stone mason who creates our high-quality headstones. Our stone mason will sketch a headstone based on the style, colour, shape and engraving you wish to have on it.


The headstones can be viewed before it is erected to ensure that you are pleased with the design.


If you are looking for assistance cleaning a headstone, contact Thomas Murphy & Sons today!

Do we do restoration on Headstones?

At Thomas Murphy & Sons, we also cater to restoring Headstones if necessary. Our stone mason will also complete the restoration of headstones to ensure that the job is always completed to the highest standard.


We can also help clean a Headstone and Headstone Engraving that needs to be restored if necessary.

Headstone services FAQ’s
What is the catchment area of our Headstone services?

We cater our Headstone services to clients in Bray and the surrounding areas.

Do we have a booklet of Headstone examples that you can choose from?

Yes! If needed, we have a booklet of sample Headstones that you can choose from or get inspiration from.

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