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Are you in need of an embalming specialist in Bray?

Contact Thomas Murphy & Sons today!


Since 1950 our Thomas Murphy & Sons team has provided clients with professional embalming services. Our Embalming specialist helps to prepare your loved one using cosmetics and sanitisation techniques so that they can be laid out exactly how you remember them.


Your loved one's remains will be laid out so that it is suitable for visitors to see them for the last time at home or in the funeral home.


Have you lost a loved one in Bray? Avail of our Embalming services today at Thomas Murphy & Sons!

What does our Embalming services do?

At Thomas Murphy & Sons, our embalming services helps to:

  • Layout your loved one in a presentable manner

  • We apply cosmetics so that your loved one looks how they were remembered to be

  • We also dress your loved one in the clothing of their or your choice

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For more information on our Embalming talk to our Funeral Director and Embalmer today!

Why is Embalming an important part of the funeral process?

Embalming is an essential part of the funeral process as it helps restore, preserve and sanitise your loved one's remains.


The main goal of embalming is to make your loved one look as familiar as they would in their day-to-day life.


Contact our team today to avail of our Embalming services!

Why choose our Embalming services?

There are many reasons why you should choose our Embalming services:

  • Our Embalming specialist will handle your loved one with the utmost respect and care

  • Our Funeral Director and Embalmer have over 70 years of experience within the industry

  • We ensure that your loved one remains how you remembered them in day to day life

Embalming FAQ’s
What is the catchment area of our Embalming services?

At Thomas Murphy & Sons, we cater our embalming services to clients throughout Bray and the surrounding areas.

Where is the body brought after the Embalming process is complete?

Yes, we do offer transport for Cremations if needed

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